First of all a huge Thank you goes out to our member Sky Rat for allowing me to use the graphic she created for Anime-Beta that I have modified for the gallery, Thank you! :D (visit Sky Rat's gallery here )

The Beta-Gallery has been re-launched! A collective gallery featuring artwork from various members of the animation artwork community Anime-Beta!

Anime-Beta The group for animation art collectors our forum is the place we mainly chat about the cels, sketches and other animation artwork we collect and much more very friendly and just wonderful to meet other collectors from around the world and talk

Currently anime-beta is by invitation only if you would like to join please go here or send feedback though the beta gallery and I'll send you out one asap to sign up. We are one big happy family here and always looking for fresh faces to add to our neighborhood

You can read more about us in the "About" section of the gallery

come join us and many of our member from around the world

here in this gallery you can browse a few of the pieces our members have selected from their collection and visit their main sites

The Anime-Beta Gallery, where collectors come together!

News & Updates

8/5/2011The Beta Gallery has been Re-launched!!!!!!!!!!!
5/29/2006Anime-Beta now open.

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Title Last Updated
Ah My Goddess 6/1/2006
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! 8/6/2011
BLEACH 6/3/2006
Cardcaptor Sakura 6/2/2006
Cathexis 5/31/2006
CountDown! 6/2/2006
Cyber City OEDO 808 6/2/2006
DB/Z/GT 8/26/2011
El Hazard 6/17/2006
Escaflowne 7/12/2006
Fushigi Yuugi 8/7/2011
Golden Boy 7/12/2006
GTO 7/12/2006
Guyver 6/6/2006
Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love) 8/7/2011
Hunter X Hunter 8/7/2011
Imma Seiden 6/17/2006
Inuyasha 6/6/2006
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 7/12/2006
Kizuna 5/31/2006
Lensman 6/6/2006
Maetel Legend OVA 8/21/2011
Magic Knight Rayearth 8/5/2011
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland 6/2/2006
Pokemon 8/10/2011
Princess Tutu 7/12/2006
Queen Emeraldes OVA 8/21/2011
Queen Millennia Movie 8/21/2011
Ranma 1/2 6/3/2006
Record Of Lodoss War OVA 7/12/2006
Rurouni Kenshin 6/6/2006
Sailor Moon 8/10/2011
Senkaiden Houshin Engi 6/17/2006
Shiki 8/6/2011
Shin Angel 7/17/2006
Spice and Wolf 8/6/2011
Street Fighter Alpha 7/12/2006
To Heart 8/7/2011
X 1999 7/12/2006
Yu Yu Hakusho 5/31/2006
Zetsuai 5/31/2006

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Gallery Created: 5/29/2006
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